Tuesday, March 20, 2012

World´s richest women entrepreneurs's consumption patterns

More than half of the world's richest women are Chinese. On the list of the world richest self-made women, 18 who have more than $1 billion come from China. Both “Top 200” Forbes’ 2011 list and HurunRich List 2011 show Wu Yajun (185th. most rich person in the world), General Director of Longhu Real Estate Development Co, a developer in the south-western municipality of Chongqing, as the richest Chinese woman, with an estimated family fortune of 420 billion yuan ($6.6 billion). Together with her there are 156 women in its 1,000 richest people in China, accounting for 15.5% of the list. The average age of the 50 richest Chinese women is 48, three years younger than the overall figure of the Hurun Rich List 2011. The average wealth of the listed women is 9.7 billion yuan. The real estate industry remains the biggest source of wealth for the 50 richest Chinese women, with 18 coming from this industry and six among the top 10. Guangdong province is home to the headquarters of 10 listed women's companies, more than any other region in China, followed by Beijing with nine and Zhejiang with six. Chinese women buy twice as much luxury products as males in China. 30% of the Maserati vehicles sold in Chinaare bought by women, while in Europe they represent only 2 to 5% of those sales. The number of women drinking Johnnie Walker whisky in China is also significant greater as in Europe. This situation invites us to think about Chinese women's influence in the future economy and global consumption market.

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