Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Julia's other relevant China-related publication

She is a co-author of the book “Siglo XXI, el Siglo de Oro de las Mujeres” (2011), Editorial Universitas www.universitas.es -where she has contributed with the chapter “Las Mujeres en China. El Desconocido Motor de su Economía”- http://www.universitas.es/index.php/esl/content/advancedsearch?SearchText=siglo+oro+mujeres&PhraseSearchText=&SearchDate=-1&SearchButton=Buscar and of the book “22 Casos Prácticos sobre Administración Pública” (2011), INAP -where she has contributed with the chapter “Turespaña en China o Cómo Atraer Turistas Chinos de Valor Añadido a España” http://www.inap.es/web/guest/libros.

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  1. Congratulations Julia! There is so much news about China at the moment that the changing role of women there and their contributions are often overlooked. Your insights into the lives of women and their role in society in China are a must for anyone involved in or interested in China today.

    Oliver Thirlwall