Monday, November 26, 2012

The differences in Business Culture between China and India

Frequently, I say that the years of communism in China have achieved a marvellous thing: make the women's role in the business life in this country more important and relevant for the economy. This can be seen by anyone who studies the Chinese enterprises and, particularly, their entrepreneurs. When the chinese men are talking to a foreign woman, she is asked immediately about her work experience, the business she works at, etc., and she is treated, since the first moment, the same as a man.

This contrasts with the reality in India, where, as I could observe recently, the tradition's influence on the women does that, at least on the generations of entrepreneurs that currently control the country's economy, the women still are not very important in the country's economy. As a consequence, the men in that generations generally do not show interest in a woman's work profile.

This is only one of lots of differences that currently exists in the way of leading businesses and trading in China and India. In contrast to what many western people think, because of the use of English language, I think that it is more difficult to make businesses in India than in China.

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