Monday, December 3, 2012

New opportunities in India for Chinese entrepreneurs

More than 30 representatives attended the China-India Business Strategy and Cooperation Opportunity Forum in India's financial hub Mumbai on Nov. 27th. In the opening ceremony, P.S. Deodhar, chairman of India-China association for the promotion of economy and culture, said India and China should become cooperative partners not business rivals, and the current first priority for the two countries is to seek strategic cooperation.

China and India has a long-standing cooperation. Though China is widely considered as the most important investor among many Asian developing economies, in fact, many investment projects are fulfilled with the cooperation between the two countries.

The prospect of mutual cooperation between the two countries is good, especially in telecommunication and finance. Also India is very much interested in Chinese infrastructures -in particular, railroads- and energy knowledge. This opens a significant number of new opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs in India.

Although there are still many problems that Chinese companies always face in India, such as taxation and employee visa, Indian economic actors seem to be willing to cooperate with Chinese counterparts.

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