Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why not to fire your advisor in China

I could have not described myself better what Western companies shall not do in their relationships with Chinese firms and business people, than the way it is explained in the article showed here below.

My very recently published book "The Chinese Entrepreneurship Way. A Case Study Approach" tries to help Non-Chinese professionals to begin to understand Chinese business leaders and entrepreneurs' behavior, putting an emphasis on the need, on the part of the westerners, to do an effort in this respect to be able to be in a much more competitive position. The book states, nevertheless, very clearly how difficult it is to fully understand that behavior and to anticipate it -even for foreigners that speak Mandarin and are very familiar with Chinese business culture.

Being this the case, it is pretty evident that it is not advisable (even if recommended or being pushed by the Chinese) to simply accept that Chinese business culture principle of dividing the enemy and to fall in their arms, while resigning your contract with the foreign advisor or simply not using one to begin with.

As I explain in my book if, when negotiating with the Chinese, things go wrong for us, it is normally our fault, not theirs. They are simply smartly using the strategies that for centuries have wonderfully worked in their favor when dealing with foreigners.

It is precisely because of this that it is so important to be advised by someone that is very much used to deal with the Chinese. In this respect, I could not be more in line with the author of this article. Please, read it carefully and share your opinion with all of us.

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